How to reach your goals with lists

One of my flaws is to procrastinate. I loose myself in the laziness. I want to update this blog more often, but I prefer to spend the rare free time with a pure relax. I work a lot, this is not my work, of course. But I know that if I would really want, i would can.

Recently I started a new way to manage my things to do (the blog is only the last one!): making lists.

I downloaded an APP (there are a lot!) that allow me can create them. Lists help me to remember my life goals and my daily goals.

The lists should be granulate: from the biggest to the smallest. What it means?

The most important list is that about wishes for life.
Think in great: have a family, have a child, have more children, became a writer or a manager, move to another country….ecc.

The second one list is that about the goals of the year.
Prepare your list 2018, what you want/puoi to reach next year in order to drive yourself towars your big goals? Change work? marriage? find a partner? start a course or a master?

The third one list is that about the month.
What you can do this month? what are that things that you have to do but you “have no time enough”? do blood tested, send resumes, call that old friend..
Write all, point for point. You will find out how much satisfying is to flag each point!

Lastly I have other small lists:

Daily: I put every daily affair. Do the shopping, do a report for work, pay the bill, ecc. I update that list in every moment, and i check it very often.

Shopping: sometimes while I’m doing other things i have flashback of what I have to buy. In order to not forgott them, I note down them in that list that i check when I’m out, at the supermarket for instance.

Books to read: i love book and I note down the titles that capture my interest! If you have a Hobby, create your list about it!

Check the biggest lists once in a while. You have to remeber ALWAYS what are you goal s in life, and if they changed. To reach the aim, you have to clarify it in your mind, You have to see it, to write it, to feel it.

The annual goals is important to not waste time. They represent the great steps but easly reach.

The other lists is for your monthly and daily grow. Every time you done one point, you can flag it. It is very beautiful seeing your lists shorten! You spend a minute to check them, it is not a difficult thing, but it is a great helpful for your succes future.

Good luck!



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