We are a copy/paste. The habit to imitate others

A woman that works with me bought a dress like one mine. This dress is very particular and the fact that they are identical is not good (for me, at least). Next time that i will want wear it I will should hope she don’t wear it. We work in the same office, so it could be embarassing havinge same dress!

In a first moment i felt annoyed. It is not the first time that she copys my style, but this one is too clear!

But then I did a reflection about the personality.

We live in a world where having personality is a rare virtue. Also for marketing. We have a few original products and a lot of imitations. If you studied marketing you should know that each product to have success should respect the rule of 4 Ps: product, price, promotion and place.

But according to Seth Godin, a writer expert of marketing, there is a 5th P that he colled Purple cow. He says that a purple cow definitely stands out in a world full of brown, white, black cows.
Of course it is a metaphor: the color purple is our personality, our worth.

Our market is full of products copied, and a small numers of very innovative products.
But the first one that have an idea, and have the brave of develop it, probably (if his idea is smart) will be copied but will remanil then number one.

This because, maybe a jacket that fits pefect to another person, fits bad on you.
Find your jacket, and go towars your future, with your style!



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