Reflection about life after smartphone and social networks

Previously I did a reflection about the phases of life: Instinct and obligation.

Now I want to do a reflection about another phenomen increasingly widespread: life after smartphone and social netwotks.

We can find a lot of article where psycologists and sociologists explain this issue, because sometimes it bocome a dipendence.

But sometime is not a dipendence but is a behavior become normal in our routine.

How many time do you spend with your face on your smartphone? I think a lot.
But, How many time do you spend on your phone while you are with other persons?

In the last weeks I tried to use phone without internet. Of course I have wifi at home and at work, and i use it. But I deleted the internet subscription of my telephone operator. The result of this little experiment was (and still is) terrifyng.

When I went out with my friends for dinner or for a cocktail, I have noticed more than other times that much of them look the phone while speak with me. Why? I am not deserve your attention? Not only facebook and Instragram but also whatsapp. If I am here, why you have to talk with people that are not here with us? maybe I did it also me, but more of times I did it only for boredom. If you watch your chat, i watch mine.

I think we have lost the glad to look the other one in eyes, and devote him/her all our attention. Yes because even if we think to can do both of things, it is not the truth.
Our attention is contasntly interrupted, the listening is not deeply and, consequently, the conversations are surface.

All our life are becaming surface. Social networks, like, comments, stories, are changing our percection of the reality.

Please, try to focus who are in front of you. Look his/her eyes. Do you know that the eyes say more that the words?

“the eyes are the mirrow of the soul”, they said.

It is truth and we should not forgot it.
And listen. Your attention is a gift, give it to your friends. And laugh for a brilliant conversation, not for a meme on facebook.



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