The power of the visualization

What is the visualization?

This technique lets us a clear vision about the goals. Want is different to wish.
People that have reached their goals, say that they really have wanted them. It is not a case.
There are many theories about this topic, like the famous attraction law, or the 101 wishes method (do you know it? I will speak about it in a future post). Basically, all these theories say the same: you must want, not wish, or simply wait. You must want and you must remember it to yourself every day, every moment. This is the only secret of the success.

You must want the goal as far as see the final result in your mind. In this way, you are able to concentrate your energies on your aims.

Visualization means to see the goal.

I want to share with you my technique for this:
think about your goal, a thing you really want (feasible, of course).
Do you see it?
Do you want it?
Do you really want it?

Do you see the details of your goal? How do you reach it? You have to study the details and understand how to reach it.
See your goal, then come back, slowly. You have to go down the road from the goal to you. That is the road that you must do to reach the aim.

Goals don’t materialize alone. You have to do something in that direction.

Don’t allow life to flow wherever it wants. Give it the right direction. Decide you what you want and go to take it!



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